1924 Wine / Cocktail Glass 26 cl

Is it already cocktail o’ clock? Because we just can’t get enough of these 1924 cocktail glasses. Everything about them enhances your drinking experience and the small capacities make these glasses perfect for stirred cocktails like a Negroni. They say that good things come in small sizes and the 1924 cocktail glass is proof of that!

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The 1924 vintage stemware range by Libbey fuses jazz-age flair with exciting cocktail trends. And because ‘together is always better’ Libbey decided to team up with Richard Zijlstra to create this range. The goal was to modernize the original coupe design once created by the legendary Royal Leerdam designer, A.D. Copier and the result is simply put, stunning. From the distinctive stem, embossed footplate and original bowl design which gracefully opens out to let your lips rest on the elegant rim, everything about this glassware screams sophistication. Designed with attention for the smallest of details and created to be used, these glasses don’t have to hide in the display cabinet until there’s a special occasion, thanks to Libbey’s signature ‘Safedge Rim Guarantee’.




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