Tiki Mixed Gods

Tiki cocktails are booming on the European cocktail scene. A new wave of Tiki cocktail bars are recently popping up in major cities, reviving these historical and exotic cocktails known also for their amazing garnishing (flaming torches, flower leis and bright colours).

The Tiki Gods date back many centuries ago to the Hawaiian mythology. These strange looking pieces are inspired by the Hawaiian mythology which defines 4 major divinities within the Tiki culture:

  • Kane, creator of life and bringer of health and happiness.
  • Ku, the god of war and prosperity.
  • Lono, the god of peace and of all life-sustaining aspects.
  • Kanaloa, the god of the ocean.

The Tiki Mixed Gods are a great addition to the Libbey’s Tiki styled range and are available in mixed boxes with 4 different faces. Tiki is alive & kicking.

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