The story of a strong partnership in the circular economy road began one year ago when Libbey Holland joined hands with Rebottleda circular start-up that creates sustainable glassware from used wine bottles. Libbey Holland supports and contributes to these efforts by providing technical assistance and know-how. 

Out of this partnership, 81.000 used wine bottles were repurposed and transformed into sustainable drinking glasses, which share this circular story at every table.

In the ramp-up of the year, Libbey Holland helped its young scale-up partner to produce a new product extension for Rebottled, a whisky tumbler range. 

“It is an amazing experience to develop and bring new life to used products such as wine bottles; it is motivating and brings energy to all of us at the factory in Holland,” says Marco van ValburgVP Engineering Libbey EMEA. “In the production process, the pre-cleaned bottles are cut at the required capacity by a high-power laser. To give them a flawless and smooth rim, safe for consumer use, the glasses are fire polished. After this process, what used to be a bottle of wine is now a trendy drink glass.” 

Libbey is proving that providing great and on-trend products that turn our every moment into a special one, doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment or consumers. Libbey has been transforming its business practices in a way that helps to protect our environment, while also helping breathe new life into products once thought to be waste.  

Interested in Rebottled products? These can be found online and in the Dutch retail chains such as the De Bijenkorf and Gall & Gall.  

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