Tiki Mai-Tai Glass 20 cl

Going back to the roots of the Tiki cocktails the Trader Vic’s restaurants play an important role in the spreading of the Tiki love all around the world. These Polynesian-themed restaurants spread the love for tropical food and drinks, going back to the first restaurant in 1934. Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr. , the founder, also claims to be the inventor of the classic Tiki drink, the Mai Tai.
During the Tiki culture fad of the 1950s and 1960s, as many as 25 Trader Vic’s restaurants were in operation worldwide. With this great success they also introduced their own classical cocktail glasses with a Tiki twist. Now that Tiki is back, Libbey gives you the opportunity to revive this success with the Tiki Coupe and Mai tai stemware glasses.

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SKU: 824711
Item: 3933VCL20
CL: 20
OZ: 6,75
Height: 163mm
Width: 90mm