Brilliance Wine Glass 35 cl

One-piece stemware is one of Libbey’s best selling stemware products for good reason. It is specifically designed for high-turnover, fast-paced restaurant operations where safety and durability are of utmost importance. One-piece stemware is inherently stronger than other stemware. Formed from one piece of glass, there are no weak points where stem and/or foot are joined with bowls. Libbey’s precision burners produce a rim with a minimum bead and a rounded foot that is more resistant to unsightly chipping. The glass is also designed to be thicker at the contact points for added strength needed in rigorous handling. Longer product life means more savings and more profit per serving for operators. In fact, your investment starts paying back profits after just one serving. And Libbey feels so strongly about onepiece construction, it has backed it with the exclusive Safedge® Rim and Foot guarantee. One-piece stemware strikes the perfect balance of weight, functionality, and aesthetics. It’s the proven leader in the industry for durability and reliability.


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SKU: 932447
Item: 4035
CL: 35
OZ: 11,75
Height: 210mm
Width: 61mm