The Tiki Dispenser is the new addition to the Libbey’s Tiki range. It is perfect for all of those great rum-based cocktails you associate with sultry tropical nights, such as the Mai-tai, Zombie or Hurricane drinks. These drinks are vibrant, thirst-quenching and full of tropical fruits and exotic ingredients. But don’t be fooled by the stern Polynesian scowl: the Tiki Dispenser is at its happiest when it’s freeing you from the stress of preparing individual cocktails for everyone.

The Libbey Tiki dispenser comes with a premium stainless steel spigot. Drinks are dispensed by softly pushing down on the tap with a single finger. A much more robust, durable and convenient solution than the plastic items or twisting taps, which require both hands to pour, commonly found in the market. The spigot comes with a filter preventing any flavoring agents entering the tap. This reduces blockage as well as the frequency of cleaning the components.

Libbey Tiki dispenser offers you the ideal combination of functionality and fun!

SKU 992397 - 760 CL / 257 OZ - BX/1

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