Esperanto is the new short-stemmed range of tulip-shaped glassware, which is well-known for bringing out a drink’s flavors. This range can be used for multiple drinks and cocktails. The name Esperanto was inspired by the 19th Century universal second language created by L.L. Zamenhof, who hoped it would contribute to global peace and understanding.

Esperanto’s smaller capacities are perfect for spirits, liqueurs, and water. The intermediate for wines, fortified wines, and sodas. The middle-to-high capacities best suit beers and many cocktails. Last but not least, the smallest Esperanto glasses work wonderfully as taster glasses, ideal for people who want to share their drinking impressions in the universal language of bonhomie and good taste. They all have a short stem, raising not only your beverage services but your presentations too.

Item: 03343 / 65CL - 21,75OZ
Item: 02343 / 44CL - 15OZ
Item: 04343 / 29CL - 9,75OZ
Item: 07343 / 15CL - 5OZ

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