Modern America


Libbey reintroduces the ‘Modern America’ range with pride. This range is a revival of the company’s historical ‘Modern America’ range, inspired by America’s first fine handcrafted glass.

Libbey has reinvented this iconic range to meet the demands of today’s customers. The tumblers come in four different shapes and sizes: the Collins, Rocks, DOF and High-ball. The tumblers robust and detailed base upholds the curved bottom and  thick walls of the glass, ending in a slightly open rim. These tumblers are ideal for all types of drinks (except hot drinks).

These glasses have DuraTuff treatment which results in remarkably durable glassware with prolonged service life.

Item: 2996VCP35 / Hi-ball 35.5cl - 12oz
Item: 2996VCP26 / Collins 26,5cl - 9oz
Item: 2996VCP34 / DOF 34.5cl - 11.5oz
Item: 2996VCP28 / Rocks 28cl - 9.5oz

Tiki Dispenser


The Tiki Dispenser is the new addition to the Libbey’s Tiki range. It is perfect for all of those great rum-based cocktails you associate with sultry tropical nights, such as the Mai-tai, Zombie or Hurricane drinks. These drinks are vibrant, thirst-quenching and full of tropical fruits and exotic ingredients. But don’t be fooled by the stern Polynesian scowl: the Tiki Dispenser is at its happiest when it’s freeing you from the stress of preparing individual cocktails for everyone.

The Libbey Tiki dispenser comes with a premium stainless steel spigot. Drinks are dispensed by softly pushing down on the tap with a single finger. A much more robust, durable and convenient solution than the plastic items or twisting taps, which require both hands to pour, commonly found in the market. The spigot comes with a filter preventing any flavoring agents entering the tap. This reduces blockage as well as the frequency of cleaning the components.

Libbey Tiki dispenser offers you the ideal combination of functionality and fun!

SKU 992397 - 760 CL / 257 OZ - BX/1



The Kahiko Zombie plays that typical two-faced Tiki trick with a sensuous, ukulele-playing wahine (Hawaiian women) on one side and a scary shrunk-en head on the other. It’s the perfect way to serve a  cocktail filled with Pacific promise.


The Kahiko Mai Tai is inspired by the traditional TAPA patterns of islands like Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji where it is seen on everything from clothes to traditional tattoos.

SKU 827590 - 39.9 CL / 13.5 OZ
SKU 827606 - 39.9 CL / 13.5 OZ
SKU 827576 - 35.5CL / 12 OZ
SKU 827583 - 35.5CL / 12 OZ



Levitas gets its name from the Esperanto word for floating and is glassware in its purest form. The simple yet elegant bowls sit on top a short stem to make an impact on whichever drink you choose to serve in them.
This range features Libbey’s Finesse Laser Cut Rim finish, an after process which results in a very fine polished rim.

Levitas fits a trend spotted among the leading cocktail bars around the world. Producers of spirits, syrups, and mixers continuously push themselves to create the purest of products. The bartenders mixing these into carefully crafted cocktails achieve delicate flavour balances often finished with a simple garnish, or served on hand-cut clear ice blocks. Levitas with its versatility is the ultimate glass for these kinds of drinks.

Item: 33075-9400 CL: 36 OZ: 12
Item: 35075-9400 CL: 27 OZ: 9
Item: 31075-9400 CL: 34 OZ: 11,5
Item: 37075-9400 CL: 20 OZ: 6,75



Esperanto is the new short-stemmed range of tulip-shaped glassware, which is well-known for bringing out a drink’s flavors. This range can be used for multiple drinks and cocktails. The name Esperanto was inspired by the 19th Century universal second language created by L.L. Zamenhof, who hoped it would contribute to global peace and understanding.

Esperanto’s smaller capacities are perfect for spirits, liqueurs, and water. The intermediate for wines, fortified wines, and sodas. The middle-to-high capacities best suit beers and many cocktails. Last but not least, the smallest Esperanto glasses work wonderfully as taster glasses, ideal for people who want to share their drinking impressions in the universal language of bonhomie and good taste. They all have a short stem, raising not only your beverage services but your presentations too.

Item: 03343 / 65CL - 21,75OZ
Item: 02343 / 44CL - 15OZ
Item: 04343 / 29CL - 9,75OZ
Item: 07343 / 15CL - 5OZ

Silk Road


Kanei is inspired by the mon, Japan’s currency during the Kan-Ei period (1624-1644). The mould’s layered concentric circles and arches symbolize waves and the flow of good fortune. Kanei comes in two shapes, Hi-Ball and DOF. The black-and-gold decoration band, and glass bottom with wave patterns and gold decoration, pay quiet tribute to the significance these symbols carry.


Fánróng is based on the Chinese symbol for Happiness and Long Life. Unsurprisingly, given what it stands for, it has always been one of the country’s most widespread symbols: travel through China today and you’ll still see countless examples everywhere. Fánróng comes in two capacities, Hi-Ball and DOF. The black gold decoration band with the bottom featuring the happiness symbol gives any drink that sense of occasion.


Niho comes in a set of four different decorations. A tasteful mix of greys and reds, with glass patterns inspired by Japanese architecture, generate a sense of elegant simplicity. Designed to suit any drink or table setting, and with its striking symbols, Niho brings a sense of style to any occasion.

Geisha, which literally means ‘person practicing the arts’, refers to women who dedicate their lives to traditional Japanese arts, using their talents to entertain distinguished clients at banquets and shows. Geisha are felt to personify sophistication and seen as vital guardians of Japanese culture and traditions.

Globally, the Dragon is possibly the best-known symbol of Chinese culture. Back home, the Chinese dragon represents success and being destined for a great future.

Cherry Blossom is Japan’s national flower, but also abundant across China. In Japan, because of its short life each year, the Cherry Blossom represents the ephemeral nature of life. In China, it is a symbol of both power and feminine strength.

The Koi is a fish with a rich history in Chinese and Japanese cultures. Legend has it that the koi fish embodies determination, dedication, perseverance and success. A powerful quartet of qualities.