50ml Don Papa Rum
20ml Plantation Original Dark Overproof Rum
100ml Fresh Pineapple juice
15ml Lime Juice
20ml All Hallows Syrup *
3 dashes of Peychauds bitters
Beer made by monks (Westmalle Dubbel)

*All Hallows Syrup Recipe
1000 ml Water
200 g Almonds
Seeds, fibers and carvings from 1 pumpkin lantern
100 g Bacon
2 Cloves of garlic
13 wooden stakes
31 allspice berries
1 vanilla bean
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 kg sugar
1 shot of Mezcal

Elixir Of Continuance Cocktail


Halloween is the time when the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest. Many dangers lurk at night at this time of year. This year we had an alarming number of blood moons, so I was determined not to be so foolish as to disregard these dangers and take my chances. I decided to mix up an elixir that would keep me safe from the different types of evil. This concoction should keep me alive and as I said before if all went I’d be able to share the recipe with you.
All went well and I’m still alive and breathing, so here it is, the recipe for the drink that kept me safe.


> Add all ingredients except the beer in a shaker
> Shake with ice
> Finestrain over ice into a Libbey Pineapple Glass
> Top off with Dubbel Beer made by monks
> Garnish with Enoki mushrooms
> Drink it all up, it’s not meant for sharing

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