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New Additions

  • Modern America

    MODERN AMERICA. Libbey reintroduces the ‘Modern America’ range with pride. This range is a revival…

  • Tiki Dispenser

    TIKI DISPENSER The Tiki Dispenser is the new addition to the Libbey’s Tiki range. It…

  • Kahiko

    KAHIKO The Kahiko Zombie plays that typical two-faced Tiki trick with a sensuous, ukulele-playing wahine (Hawaiian women)…

  • Levitas

    LEVITAS Levitas gets its name from the Esperanto word for floating and is glassware in…

  • Esperanto

    ESPERANTO Esperanto is the new short-stemmed range of tulip-shaped glassware, which is well-known for bringing…

  • Silk Road

    Kanei Kanei is inspired by the mon, Japan’s currency during the Kan-Ei period (1624-1644). The…


Our Craft & History

We are a leading manufacturer of glass tableware products and has developed into an authentic brand with clear roots

Worldwide, Libbey has established a solid reputation as THE glassware for professionals.


Our Glassware

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Schofield Brothers

SCHOFIELD BROTHERS From 100 zombies a day to international bartender of the year to your ...
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Wilson Pires

Wilson Pires “NEVER JUST CREATE, INSPIRE” A Portuguese bartender that has been getting his recognition ...
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Luke Whearty

LUKE WHEARTY A cocktail and industry mastermind is coming home. After working in Singapore for ...
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Elixir of Continuance

Recipe: 50ml Don Papa Rum 20ml Plantation Original Dark Overproof Rum 100ml Fresh Pineapple juice ...
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T is for Tiffany

Preparation: Stir all ingredients in mixing glass and strain into a chilled Libbey Shorty Rocks ...
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